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Words From The CEO💓

Hello Everyone,

This is Shundasia(CEO) of the Brand 8FigureWaistCouture!

Before you exit this post please take a moment to hear what I have to say.

I know that this message comes unexpectedly “out of the blue” but first let me take this time to personally tell you THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!! With over 8,000 plus shapewear companies to choose from you chose us, it means a lot, and I wanted to personally tell you THANK YOU! It’s because of ALL of YOU that I’ve been able to expand this business, service you with the BEST HIGH QUALITY SHAPEWEAR , and keep those numbers just right at a price you can afford! So again, THANK YOU Ladies & Gents🥰 let’s not forget about my Supporters Of 8ABSFORMEN because we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT ALSO 😍👏🏽

Now to get to the “fun part”

I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Now before you close out take some time to continue reading this 😒😅🙈😂 , but OKAY here it is

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU😍 Yes, YOU to get your FEEDBACK of the experience you received from us while shopping with us, your experience with Customer Service, and your feedback on the item(s) purchased. We definitely will value your voice so let it be heard here by someone who cares as much as we do at 8FigureWaistCouture!

Right now I’m asking you for your feedback today so honesty is greatly appreciated. Although I know that some of you may have a bad taste for us after the experience you received during the first wave of COVID19 that came in unexpectedly! The unexpected Pandemic caused Delayed Orders, lack of Customer Service, and more , but we want you to know that we have improved 100% on our Shipping Time and Customer Service as there are currently NO DELAYS IN SHIPPING/PROCESSING ORDERS with NO DELAYS IN RESPONSE TIME TO CUSTOMERS wether to Check Order Status or Purchase Product(s)!

Again, This is not just a message from your CEO, but the ENTIRE TEAM and STAFF at 8FigureWaistCouture! That’s why we can’t wait to read the feedback you provide to help us improve as a Business and Team to better serve you 😘😘😘💓



Shundasia 💓

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