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Thinking Of YOU 💖

GoodMorning Everyone,

As many of you many know we are CLOSED Dec. 24 - Jan. 10, 2022. This is something we’ve done yearly for the past 2Years. During this time I , Shundasia use this time to focus on YOU(My Customers , and Supporters) to find ways we can provide better business to you! I’m excited to announce that tomorrow I’ll be taking a “Refresher” of the already taken Business Etiquette Class with a Business Coach. In the past I did a 3Day Session , and learned a lot so I’m going back in again 😍 It doesn’t hurt to gain more knowledge, or even refresh your mind on old things. In 2022 I want to walk in with a mindset & focus on YOU as my customers , and supporters.

In the past I made a status asking “How can we be a better business to you , and I also asked how would you guys rate the quality of our products” Many of you had GREAT things to say about our shapewear & we GREATLY APPRECIATE IT 😍 while our only downfall being SHIPPING TIMEFRAMES 😔 please understand we are working & testing out some things that will definitely IMPROVE the amount of time it takes to get you your items. Im currently in the process of doing “test runs” Shipping through FedEx , and UPS to see which company would meet my demands as well as be cost efficient for you as a customer. Another downfall I’ve ran into in the past that I noticed is LACK OF HELP. As many of you many not know I Shundasia run 90% of this business alone. From shipping/packing orders , answering the phones, and now running a physical store front here in Little Rock, AR it’s done ALL through me 😔 Yes, I’m only one person , but I do this daily w/o any help. Well I hope this brightens your day because I AM ON THE LOOKOUT FOR HELP as well.

Please know here at 8FIGUREWAISTCOUTURE we value YOU , and will always put you first! We love , and appreciate the continued support & we hope YOU will continue to support us for many years to come! - Shundasia 💖

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