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8FigureWaistCouture Takes USPS💥


We are informing you that we are experiencing DELAYS IN SHIPPING FROM USPS , and what to expect right now. As of now USPS is overloaded with holiday shipments due to more Online Shopping as a result of COVID19. Most of you may have received your Tracking Number from us and noticed NO MOVEMENT AT ALL while most of you are receiving your Tracking Number with movement with a message that says “still in transit arriving late or your package is been sent to your nearest facility” 🤦🏾‍♀️ We shipped over 168 Orders on December 12, 2020 and here it is December 24, 2020 and Customers are just now confirming they are receiving their orders, while some are stating they still haven’t received their order. On December 19, 2020 we shipped 60+ Orders , and those packages have still yet to be “scanned in” they are at a COMPLETE STAND STILL😔 at this point been to the USPS where the packages were dropped off at to ask them what’s going on only to be informed that it’s a high volume of shipping and everything will be delayed. I’ve called the USPS CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK to make a Complaint on my companies behalf only to be told their are over 200,000 complaints worldwide , and that my issue will be escalated to someone higher. I honestly don’t know what to do because EVERYTHING IS AT A STAND STILL until things smooth out.

If you are a Customer who HAS NOT received your Tracking Number would you like your package shipped by a different carrier such as FedEx, or UPS? Additional Fees will apply , but this is our only option at the moment. I really wished their was something I could do to get the items to you faster , and honestly on behalf of 8FigureWaistCouture I will their was a way I could personally deliver the packages to you all myself because if I could I would honestly 😭 I’m just all out of options at this point. If you are a Customer who has already received a Tracking Number I’ve been informed that there is no way possible for me to intercept the packages to get them back in my possession.

I hope you all understand , and THANK YOU so much for your Support and Cooperation during this time.


Shundasia Harris - CEO 💓

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