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The 8FigureWaistCouture Planner & WaistTracker is the PERFECT planner for setting your weightloss goals & tracking inches shed.


Did you know that writing down your Goals , and planning ahead is the start to actually setting forth to tackling your goals? ✍️💭


That’s right, this is your go-to planner for starting your weight loss & waist journey.

We could never have you out here looking crazy, so we’re definitely still covering the basics like: starting weight, do’s & don’t of waist training, getting rid of toxins, motivational quotes & more. Now, we’re diving deep into your everyday lifestyle with customized pages to help plan your journey, track water intake, fitness goals, monthly planning , and so much more.

With your fitness goals, this planner is one of a kind and guaranteed to help you plan your goals , and work towards your plan.


SPECS : HardBack Cover Personalized Box Cover Top Quality Paper


Here’s what you’ll find in our brand new Motivational Planner & WaistTracker:

Monthly Calendar ✅

Daily scheduling pages ✅

Before & After photo section✅

Motivational Quotes ✅

Water Intake Tracker✅

Apps to download for fitness✅

Smoothie Recipes✅

Healthy Food Recipes✅

Facebook Pages to follow for fitness✅

Instagram Pages to follow for fitness✅

Detox Guide✅

WaistTrainer Reminder✅

Healthy foods✅


This Limited Edition Planner also includes a “WaistME 30Day Guide” to a flatter stomach!

8FigureWaistCouture Daily WaistPlanner

$45.99 Precio
$19.99Precio de oferta
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