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What are the benefits?


8Figure is a liver cleanse that Accelerates fat burning, supports liver health, protects against toxins, and improves digestion.



CLEANSE AND DETOX THE GUT: Herbs encourage the detoxification of the GI tract, promoting a healthy gut environment for comfortable digestion and waste elimination.*


BOOST DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Herbs like Senna leaf, garcinia cambogia, acai berry extract , green tea extracts and lots leaf extracts .


DETOX CLEANSE WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT: Along with a healthy diet and exercise program, a regular colon cleanse detox program can support weight management by optimizing your digestion and metabolism.



Senna leaf , garcinia Cambogia , açaí berry , green tea and lotus leaf . NO CAFFEINE.

NO GMO , 100 Vegan


Suggested Usage : 3-5 tablets 3 times a day

Contains : 90tablets

8Figure Detox Supplement(90ct)

$69.99 Precio
$27.99Precio de oferta
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